Products that take rainwater away without taking away from the landscape


  • Filters leaves and debris
  • Eliminates emptying catch basins
  • Built-in connector
  • Protects against clogged pipes
  • Easily bends and holds its shape
  • Expands 14 inches
  • Fits 2" x 3" or 3" x 4" downspouts 


Debris accumulates in the gutter then empties through the downspout.The Flex Grate is designed to filter leaves and debris out of the downspout before the rain water enters the landscape drainage system. 

The Flex Grate filters the debris then dumps it out, keeping your drainage system flowing freely.

Patent Pending


Whether you have a drainage contractor bury that plastic pipe in your yard or you do it yourself, you will want to avoid blocked drains.
Water drainage for gutter runoff can cause costly damage to your landscape, basement, foundation and home. Grading and landscape design should be carefully planned around your yard before starting a landscape project. Building drainage is a key element that effects any landscaping.

After spending all of that time and money burying pipes you should protect your investment by easily installing Flex Grate Landscape Drainage Filters to every downspout that is connected to drainage pipes.